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Leather Sofas

Distinctive Chesterfields is a renowned independent British furniture manufacturer, and leather sofas is the area we specialise in. With a choice of three different leather options for sofas and a diverse range of more than 50 colours in the leather sofa collection, you'll be spoiled for choice. Whether you choose to visit our showroom in West Yorkshire, home to an impressive selection of our leather sofa range, or you purchase online, you'll be getting a piece that's as unique as its owner.

We're proud to say that our leather sofas are handcrafted by skilled experts in furniture manufacture. Starting with hand-selected, superb quality Italian leather hides, your leather sofa will be created to your specifications with hand finished leather, bespoke sizing options, and even a choice of seat cushions, studding and piping details and further accessories such as bolster cushions and throws.

When buying a leather sofa, you'll find that it becomes a key feature in your home, being both comfortable to use day in, day out, and a focal point of a room. Leather is a very versatile material – not only is it natural, meaning that it is breathable and only gets better with age, but it can be easily incorporated into any existing home décor style.

No matter what colour or style you choose for your leather sofa, you can be guaranteed to have a piece of furniture that will last you years to come, far more durable than others and transcending trends with its classic and timeless style.

Tub Chairs

The iconic tub chair is a staple in a traditional and timeless home but can also fit seamlessly into a more modern and minimalist décor style with its curved design and sleek lines, perfectly complementing any room. Not only are tub chairs designed to look attractive, but they're equally as comfortable for those who like to relax and fit into an easy living style. The convenience of a tub chair makes it a versatile piece – its compact size makes it a perfect addition to a small room or apartment right up to an alcove in a larger home or a more quirky piece for a casual dining out experience.

At Distinctive Chesterfields, we understand the importance of our customers' requirements and are able to create a tub chair that suits your needs and desires, whether that's to fit a particular colour scheme in your home or you're looking for a specific type of leather or fabric finish. As every single tub chair that leaves our showroom is handmade to order by our very own experts, the customer can choose whichever covering works best for them and can expect only the highest quality and finish on their chair.

Our full range of tub chairs along with all the options for colours and coverings to fit any interior are available to view on our site or in person at our showrooms around the world. Our expert staff and highly trained craftsmen are ready to receive your order and bring your tub chair to reality.

Leather wingback chair

A leather wingback chair makes the perfect addition to a home, being both comfortable to use and elegant in style. Traditionally a statement staple in British country homes, the leather wingback chair has now gone worldwide as an accessible piece of furniture for every home, bringing a touch of class and charm to every interior. They are guaranteed to become not only a focal point in your room but a talking point.

Every stitch and every last detail that goes into our leather wingback chairs receives the same amount of attention, meaning that you'll receive a piece that will last you a lifetime. The seat cushion is supremely soft and the high back and wings mean that you will be able to relax into your wingback chair with ease. For a wingback chair that provides the ultimate in comfort while not scrimping on style, our Osborne wing chair is the one for you.

Our wingback chairs, crafted in our very own workshop in Honley, West Yorkshire, begin life as a sturdy solid frame. We want our customers to receive a piece of furniture that fits their every need, so our chairs are able to be customised to suit your style. The choice of leathers in a colour that will complement your existing décor is vast and we are able to finish your wingback chair with details unique to you, whether that's studded by hand along the wings and arms or with a particular style of feet.

Our bestselling leather wingback chair is the popular Newby which is part of our original collection, being formal enough to fit a study or office but comfortable enough to become an everyday piece in the home. Meanwhile our Paxton chair is of grand proportions and provides the imposing presence of distinction in your home.

A Distinctive Chesterfields leather wingback chair is the perfect luxury option for your home to elevate a room from stylish to timeless and to provide a comfortable piece that will last for years to come.

Brown leather sofa

A brown leather sofa has been the staple of a comfortable home for years and this option won't take a backseat any time in the future. It is a timeless piece that lives up to family life and goes above and beyond trends to fit in with whatever style you choose for your home.

At Distinctive Chesterfields, we have a collection of sofas available in various shades of brown leather, from the palest old English parchment shade to rich hues of premium espresso with every shade in between. Our leathers are of the highest quality only and are hand selected from the best Italian hides before being handcrafted into individual sofas for our customers.

Our range of sofas available in brown leather is extensive and customisable to your specific needs as every piece is made to order. Whether your perfect brown leather sofa is one that will be comfortable and durable to stand up to a young and growing family or one which will provide a fashionable yet timeless focal point in a room, we'll have a sofa to suit your needs. Our leather sofas cater for a mix of tastes from traditional to contemporary, with antiqued and distressed finishes, low or high backs and arms, and detailing in your choice of studding, buttoning and feet.

No matter which design or style you choose, you will be safe in the knowledge that we guarantee your brown leather sofa from Distinctive Chesterfields will last a lifetime and grow with your home.

Grey Chesterfield sofa

Haven't you heard that grey is the new neutral? Take the plunge and tap into this trend with a classic grey Chesterfield sofa. Cool and calming shades of grey have the ability to blend into any style of home décor and provide a sense of sophistication and elegance in your home like no other. Pair this colour choice with a traditional Chesterfield style sofa and you've got an enduring piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime.

A grey Chesterfield sofa will exude a quality of luxury to your home. Chesterfield sofas are typical of renowned and stately homes, dating back hundreds of years. At Distinctive Chesterfields, we've made that glamorous lifestyle accessible to everyone, supplying the luxury Chesterfield sofa you've always dreamed of, handmade in Britain and manufactured by our expertly trained team of craftsmen to your exact specifications.

If your vision of a perfect grey Chesterfield sofa includes a specific stain to the feet or type of studding around the arms, we can do that for you. Our collection of Chesterfield sofas contains everything from arched backs to flared arms, and each sofa can be made in 2, 3 or 4 seater sizes or bespoke to fit your requirements.

Whatever your choice of finish and detailing for your grey Chesterfield sofa, you can rest assured in the knowledge that it will be of the best quality and will be exactly what you imagined.

White leather sofa

The white leather sofa has been a popular choice in homes around the world for years and it's likely that it will continue to be so for years to come. A white leather sofa is the perfect solution for a room that needs the illusion of space and brightness as white neutrals create a sense of airiness while still having the ability to seamlessly fit into many different styles of design. They make an ideal focal feature for a home that exudes confidence with open spaces, complementing a more minimalist theme with its modern elegance.

Every sofa that leaves the Distinctive Chesterfields workshop in West Yorkshire is guaranteed to be of the best quality. Your white leather sofa will have been upholstered and finished by hand to your specifications, with your finish on the leather and details such as buttoning, studs and stain on the feet completed to perfection so that your unique piece of furniture will arrive at your home ready to fit into the room it has been designed for.

White leather can be a worry for many with thoughts of difficulties in keeping it clean, but leather is a highly versatile material and with proper care and attention, you can keep it in the condition it arrived in, if not better with every day aging for cosiness, for years to come. Being made of a natural material, your white leather sofa will be breathable and comfortable, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and the ideal luxury addition to your home.